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Friday, 23 February 2018

Sow happy

These are beautiful, spring is so close
 I spent 2 hours on Wednesday in the greenhouse,
I have cut back all my tender plants, ready for regrowth, they are under a plastic cover inside my greenhouse, I gave the whole greenhouse a good sort out. I have planted up 5 large seed trays, all with early seeds, I have no room for anymore seed trays.
This triple set is on my spare bed, it's a very sunny spot, it has all the different marigolds for the new stand I purchased, I can plant this early and bring it back inside if gets frosty around Easter time. 
I have not as yet planted the other plants I purchased, I need more potting compost, which I can get this weekend. 
 Another nasty
 My Amaryllis is in a pot in the greenhouse, to die back, 
I purchased this plant for in this glass pot. 
 All finished
 I'm pleased with how it looks
 It makes a nice lap blanket, 
and is perfect colours for use in our garden. 
Wednesday afternoon I spent 2 hours outside, mainly in the greenhouse, and just a bit of tidying around the garden, it felt good to be sowing seeds. I have loads more but they require sowing in later March, the fake grass makes the plot look good, I have loads of bulbs showing, all different types, so loads of colour to come. I found 2 small buckets with daffodils in, which hubby planted last September, they were tucked away in the greenhouse, I forgot he had planted them, but even with total neglect they are growing, I have placed them on our decking, so we can see them.
Yesterday daughter had a spa day, so Will spent the whole day with me, we both sniffed the whole time, we stayed inside and played, I read whilst Will had his naps, he is tired as his blocked nose does not allow him to sleep for long. Will loved the new blanket, it was on the floor most of the day.
We are having Will on a sleepover tonight, so mummy and daddy can go for a curry with friends, we prefer to have him overnight, than babysit at their house, plus they get a later morning.
Today I am going into town, I require nothing, we have only purchased bread, milk and veg this week, I am meeting an old work friend for lunch, I do want to look in TK Max, not for clothes, I love their kitchen and garden sections, they always have different items.
It's sunny and cold here, so I will wrap up warm.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

A bit of everything

So much change, daughter put this photo together
Tea towels 
 All in a pack of ten £5.99 from local Sue Ryder shop.
This is growing
 Looks like spring
 Hubby thought I would like these, he was correct. 
This week  I am full of bugs again, I am blaming all the children from Will's party, most had bugs, oh well a side effect of being grand parents, but I do get plenty of rest time to read and crochet.
Last Sunday we went to our local village shops, I was pleased with the tea towels I got, 7 have gone into my stash, the two printed ones are in use and the horrible green thing is now a cleaning cloth. So Rachel  I intend to make things with my teal towel stash, you are my inspiration, watch this space. 
Thank you for your kind comments on my wigwam, I enjoy a challenge, it was fun to make, simple shapes to stitch together, plus Will loves it. Daughter says I can make the bunting for it, so more sewing later this week.  
We are having another few sunny and cold days, all our towels and bedding from the weekend are on the line, they won't completely dry, they smell much better once on the line, I am unable to use fabric softener, it irritates my skin, so a short go in the tumble dryer will dry and soften them. 
I'm going to spend an hour in the greenhouse, I have some seeds to sow, and will need to tidy sopace for the trays on the sunny side of the greenhouse. 
Nothing else planned, I want to watch the last episode of Trauma, hubby did not enjoy them so I can watch it this afternoon. 
Do you have plans this sunny day.  

Tuesday, 20 February 2018


One large bed sheet, some patchwork
Dawn made the pocket for this cushion
All set out
Add one grandson

I think Will loves his reading wigwam, he went straight to play in it, using a bed sheet for the body allows the light in. The patchwork base matched the cot quilt I made him (the wigwam is going in his bedroom). Daughter loved the airplane fabric, so I made a cushion with some, Will's bedroom is shades of grey.
I made the square of patchwork for the base 1st, I also cut a square from the bedsheet for the underside. I used the poles to get straight lines for the sides, I cut three the same, each two inches wider than the base, giving me seam allowance. To join the sides I used French seams, which I made much wider, so I could slide the poles in, keeping everything safe. I then stitched the sides to the base.
I layered the plain grey bottom, then the wigwam, finally the patchwork top, I pinned all together ensuring I have the corners neat and tidy, I stitched around the sides and the back, leaving the front opened to be able to turn it all the right way. I then topped stitched the layers from the inside to stop them moving, I finally stitched the front opening neatly. This method ensured the poles could not be removed from the bottom. The poles were inserted and the top seams covered with a band hand sewn. The biggest issue we had was holding the poles together, in almost every design they showed wooden poles with holes drilled through and the poles tied with rope, we used plastic covered metal post as used in gardens, they were thinner and much stronger, in the end a strong cable tie was used.
We decided we did not want the front sections to meet in the middle, they would be better smaller so Will could get in and out.


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